Frequently Asked Questions about Pest Control

*  Is the product we use safe for family and pets?

Yes all our chemicals are environmentally friendly and registered chemicals safe for public use.

*  Do I need to leave the Property during treatment?

That will depend upon the treatment required. Generally you don’t have to leave the property unless you feel more comfortable doing so. However, we highly recommend pregnant women, infants and people that suffer from asthma to vacate until treatment is dry.

*  Does a general pest treatment cover termites?

Unfortunately NO. Termite treatments are more in-depth and require direct application to soil in order to obtain the level of protection required. The chemicals used are also specific to termites. 

*  I found termites, what do I do?

Do not disturb any termite workings or damaged areas any further…. contact us immediately!
this may eliminate our chances of eradicating your problem.

*  What do I need to do before my General Pest Spray?

We recommend moving any stored goods or furniture that is against walls internally thus providing us access to skirting boards for treatment. Clear access to the ‘person hole’ for roof cavity entry. Vacuuming of floors and mopping prior to our arrival as we suggest no mopping of hard surfaces for approx one week following treatment. Provide full access to your yard.

*  Do the chemicals we use smell?

NO, most chemicals are odourless and non-staining.

*  How often should my property be treated?

We recommend that suburban properties be treated annually and rural properties every 6 months, due to their location.

*  Can I get insurance of termite protection?

YES, due to our Industry Supplier Accreditation with the leaders in termite protection, we can insure your property once a termite prevention barrier is installed.
NOTE: most general home and content insurance policies don’t cover termite damage repairs and or treatment.

If we haven’t solved you query above, please contact us for more info if you desire.