Killer Bug Pest Solutions – Termite Control

Think you have termite issues? …… First action is a property inspection.

Once we have conducted a thorough termite inspection we will consult with you as to what treatment may be required whether its eradication of current activity or a termite prevention system.

Being that not every home is the same you can rest assured we have the right product to do the job.

Methods we may use include :-

  • Termidor for application to active termite affected timbers or wall cavities.
  • Exterra Baiting Station onto termite infested areas with regular top ups of bait until eradication.
Baited termites
Example of what a baited termite unit will look like inside. Got them!!

Once eradication is complete we will then suggest protection methods be installed on your property to protect further attacks in the future.

We have two methods of prevention we use regularly, being Chemical Soil Barriers such as Termidor or Biflex or monitoring and baiting systems, Exterra or Sentricon Always Active System. (see more info on our Chemicals page).